Friday Auto ChartingDo you need to get straight into the analysis as soon as your project has finished in the field? Do you want to avoid spending days copying and pasting into PowerPoint before you can even start seeing what the story is? Get some instant visibility with Friday Auto Charting! Using your tables I can create a PowerPoint deck which charts every question in your project. Using interim tables or data I can do all the set-up in advance, so you get your charts as soon as the data is finalised.

Included in the basic price (£300+):

  • Two different chart types, one for categorical questions, one for scale questions. Your design of charts – send me an example and I’ll take it from there
  • Base sizes displayed on every chart, as part of the axis or legend
  • Multiple response answers will appear grouped together by question
  • The question wording appears as the slide title, the chart title or the page footer – your choice (or all three!)
  • All charts are fully editable
  • “All respondents” plus up to ten subgroups to be charted (demographics, segment etc)
  • You review and give me feedback on the first run and I will run it again. One additional rerun included as standard (if the data changes). 

Optional extras

  • Ranking on specified questions, or all categorical questions
  • Statistical significance – calculated within the chart datasheet and displayed however you need – label a different colour, arrows, smiley faces etc
  • Brand or other logos positioned on chart axes
  • Base size warnings shown as a slide footer
  • Percentage scores on a low base hidden or removed
  • Colouring of bars or labels based on the data, eg brand or segment name
  • Additional chart types for specific questions

I can handle a wide variety of other requests including scaling, positioning, changing fonts, colours, labels etc etc. Just let me know what you need and what would save you loads of time.

Basic prices may be higher if there is an exceptionally large number of questions, if the tables or subgroup/nets requirements are very complex.

All prices are quoted exclusive of, and are subject to, VAT.