New! Auto-charting, prices start at £200 from tables, £300 from raw data.

Send me your tables or respondent-level data and I'll send you back a set of charts for each question. Your design of charts. Optional extras include ranking, sig testing, colouring, etc.

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Tracey Hill

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I have worked with Tracey for over six years and have a lot of respect for her knowledge of the industry and her technical skills. Tracey's client-facing experience gives her an understanding of how reporting fits into the bigger picture of client service and adding value. She takes pride in producing high quality work. With her I can be sure that even large and complex projects will be in a safe pair of hands. She is not afraid of taking a fresh approach, and if the technical solution is not obvious she will think a way around it.

Colin Taylor Head of Data Delivery, Ipsos MORI

Tracey Hill

Tracey Hill (otherwise known as Friday Reporting) is a freelancer offering project management, data reporting and visualisation services.

A specialist in Microsoft Office and Visual Basic programming, she is an expert user of PowerPoint, and creates stunning looking infographics and impressive interactive web pages presenting large amounts of data clearly and attractively.

She uses PowerPoint VBA to develop custom tools to save a lot of time in production, for example automating statistical significance indicators. She can also manipulate graphical objects, making infographic-style reporting easier.

Tracey has considerable experience of market research project management, and has worked on many large and complex research projects. Tracey can be the "Girl Friday" of reporting, offering solid experience, innovative visualisation ideas, and tools which could save days of time on tedious manual processes.

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I had the pleasure of working with Tracey at Ipsos MORI for several years. Tracey is a very experienced researcher but she is also very strong technically; a rare and particularly useful set of skills to possess. I worked with her on the technology side of the business using tools such as SPSS, E-Tabs Enterprise and Excel VBA. One of Tracey’s key strengths is being able to quickly understand a business problem and then quickly identify and apply the appropriate technology to deliver the solution. She is also incredibly organised and without doubt, the ideal person to have working with you on a large project. Any organisation needing a shake-up on the Operations side would benefit from having Tracey on board.

Ken Brewster Director, E-tabs